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Our Story

At the Heart of OCJ


After hearing private attorneys having to turn away individuals who could not afford private representation and having almost no where to refer them and seeing a legal aid organization having to wind down and close their doors leaving a void in the community it previously served, three women frustrated by seeing clients alone in court, decided our city could be the home to a solution.  With the support of a team of community attorneys willing to serve on our board, OCJ was born.  Our goal was to create a system that would help to keep our doors open even if funding was reduced and help close the access to justice gap in Florida.  Now we hope we can inspire future lawyers to do the same. 

We believe that everyone should have access to legal representation.

Our Mission

Orlando Center for Justice, Inc. (OCJ)'s mission is to bridge the access to justice gap in Central Florida by using technology, education and innovative programs to reach a wide range of underserved communities. We are committed to providing legal relief to vulnerable and underrepresented populations in Florida with a focus on newcomers through a holistic healing lens. As people navigate their legal process and reach stability, we walk alongside them, advocating, helping them to share their story and empowering them to build a path that enables them to be a voice for systemic change.

Our Mission

Our Impact

Since our founding in 2016, OCJ has served more than 3,000 individuals from 82 countries.

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