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Bridges Direct Legal Services

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We provide quality legal services to vulnerable populations in Florida. Approximately 10-15% of those we serve are at no cost. We call this, the community supporting the community. Our pro bono no cost legal services are prioritized for victims of domestic violence, those unemployed or with a financial hardship, children under 18, those who are homeless, retired, disabled or who are veterans. Legal consultations are also available at our Ft. Pierce office.  

Legal Fellows/Scholarship Program


We have fellowship positions where we can encourage a career and heart for community lawyering. While serving the community, learning about the legal field, students are exposed to the challenges, realities and emotional nature of some issues that the communities we serve are dealing with.  If you are interested, apply now.  


We have also started a scholarship program which seeks to provide a monetary award to students who are first or second generation immigrants. Applications closed March 1st, 2022.   

Children's Legal Services Program


Our Children's Legal Services Program focuses on providing Know Your Rights presentations and legal screenings as well as legal representation to children who are in immigration detention or who have recently been released from detention. Our goal is to ensure that children in Central Florida receive universal representation in immigration court. No child should be unrepresented in a deportation hearing.

Education/Community Outreach


As part of this program, we partner with Hispanic Federation to provide free English and Civics classes to immigrants seeking to become U.S. Citizens. We also test and practice new innovative ways to provide access to legal representation and information leveraging technology. Topics covered include general know your rights trainings, citizenship, family immigration, educating children and guardians and updates in the law as they arise. Sign up for our Citizenship Classes now!

We are also hosting a Children's Contest to provide primary aged grade students with the space to talk about diversity through art and writing. Students in Florida in Orange, Seminole or Osceola county enrolled in 1st through 5th grade are eligible to participate to win $250 for them and their teacher. Applications closed on May 13th, 2022. 

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